Andre, The Wunder Dog

This is B's childhood dog, Andre. He was the center of their universe. I love that they took him to a professional photographer to get his picture taken, and I love how upright he is, like he's about to give his kingdom a proclamation of sorts. It was Andre that turned B into being the pet whisperer that he is today.

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    Donna says:

    Andre was the most brilliant dog that I have ever known. And he was quite a looker and licker. Actually, this picture, taken in his later years, doesn’t shown just how handsome he was in his younger days.
    Andre had almost a “cult” following. Children in the neighborhood would visit him regularly and he would entertain them with such antics as boxing, piano playing, guitar playing, singing as well as jumping through a fiery red bicycle tire. I kid you not! People who met Andre for just a short time, would recognize him and remember him upon meeting him many years later.
    Andre knew how to show appreciation. (Something that many people do not!) Every night after dinner, he would lick his mommy Manuela’s ankles, thanking her for the delicious home cooked meal that she prepared for him. Also, he would patiently follow his Pop-Pop around keeping an eye on him after Pop-Pops stroke. He was his constant friend and guardian.

    Andre undoubtedly knew how to give and receive love. He had a special “persona” that made him a wonderful companion for the entire family. His “pawsteps” are worth following in our own lives…

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