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Nantucket Garden

I was visiting my friend Tracy on Nantucket, and we took a walk on a path in Siasconset. Talk about beautiful gardens. They seemed to be everywhere.

Andre, The Wunder Dog

This is B’s childhood dog, Andre. He was the center of their universe. I love that they took him to a professional photographer to get his picture taken, and I love how upright he is, … Read More

Hop On

I went to Italy last year and spent a fair amount of time in Florence. I walked around each day for hours, taking snaps to my heart’s delight. I love this picture, even right down … Read More

S is for Scoliosis

Many of you know the drill. The one that happens in the 6th or 7th grade. The obligatory spine check. My test took place in my pediatrician’s office. After a 1/2 mile worth of laps … Read More

Inviting Seating

My walk along San Francisco’s Embarcadero took me by Perry’s, a sweet restaurant with quite the waterfront view. It’s not the view that captured my eye; it was how inviting this table looked. The blue … Read More

Sometimes People Match the Furniture

It doesn’t get much better than this. Matching chair, tank, and hat. This gal has it going it on. The place, The Island Cow, Sanibel Island, Florida.

NOTCOT’s Jean Aw

I’m pretty lucky. I work with a lot of talented people who started websites that grew into something much larger, allowing them to make it their day job. I’ve heard their stories about how and … Read More

The Show Up

My father placed a huge value on making an effort, especially when it came to conversation. “If you’re in a conversation, you need to participate,” he’d say. “You can’t just sit there like a bump … Read More