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Sonoma Flowers

We spend a lot of time in Sonoma, so when my Mom came for a visit we rented a house. It’s beautiful here, perfect in so many ways – warm/borderline hot (which I love), no … Read More

Lemonade, Anyone?

How inviting. B and I went to a wedding in Los Angeles recently and they served strawberry, lavender, and traditional lemonade before the wedding. How great is that? And how beautiful and inviting are large … Read More

Hello Yello

Just another beautiful yellow flower, worthy of sharing. Thanks for literally brightening my day.

Hello Old Friend

I went on a hunt to photograph things that are yellow since I love the color, and one of the things I came across was a stack of National Geographic Magazines in the Sanibel Public … Read More

Big Smile

I think it says it all.I took this in Healdsburg, CA over the July 4th weekend. It reached 104 F there but even in the heat, this guy was still smiling and in turn, so … Read More

Daisies in Spring

Daisies brighten any room or garden, and these were no different. I found this batch in my neighborhood in the Marina. I love the way they’re craning their necks to maximize as much sun as … Read More

Beautiful Aspens

I grew up in Connecticut, and we didn’t have aspens trees. So when I went to Wyoming, I was just mesmerized by them and took lots of pictures of them. You find aspens in states … Read More

Lemons at the Market

Their color was just too hard to pass by. They’re beautiful, especially when the sun hits them. You can find these lemons and other delectable sundries at San Francisco’s Ft. Mason farmer’s market every Sunday.

Something Yellow

There’s no color that can pick up your spirits more than yellow. Combine that with a beautiful flower, and wham. Beautiful. I’ll take flowers any day.  Hint, hint, B.