I can't help it, but I love symmetry. I'm all for free form and the occasional coloring outside of the box, but when it comes to things being perfectly in line, I'm right there.

I used to work at the Discovery Channel with an exceptionally talented guy named Tom who knew I was a kook about getting the details right, including making sure pictures on a wall were hung straight. So before one of our regularly scheduled meetings, he'd slip into the conference room in advance and just ever-so-slightly tilt the pictures askew, just enough so I'd notice. It drove me nuts. So before I'd start the meeting, I'd take a minute to straighten them out. I think it took all his energy not to bust a gut each time. I didn't get it at first, but when the pictures were always off kilter, I wisened up. I got him back though. Let's just say we're square now.

Call it a smidgen obsessive, whatever, but I appreciate when things are aligned, both physically and metaphorically.

This is for you, Zahorik. Miss you.

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