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Friday was a work day highlight for me. I work at Federated Media (FM), and we represent great websites. We sell a site's ads, so they can stick to what they do best, which is create great content. One of the sites we work with is Bakerella run by Angie Dudley. Angie started her site to keep track of her baking and decorating "attempts" (Angie's idea of "attempts" translates into my interpretation of "works of art").

Angie is known for her cake pops, delicious balls of cake and icing mounted on a popsicle stick and decorated to suit any occasion, whether it be birthdays, The Super Bowl, Easter, or the holidays. Angie has pretty much decorated her cake pops for every occasion.

She's so good at it that that Martha Stewart invited her to appear on her show back in 2008, and more recently she's published a book through Chronicle Books dedicated to them. Her book is called...well, Cake Pops.


Look at those cake pops. So impressive. Love the popcorn cake pop pictured on the cover.

Angie came to San Francisco for a book signing at Chronicle Books' headquarters, and since FM is located around the corner from it, I asked her to swing by to meet the FM team. She not only agreed, but she also graciously agreed to judge a cake pop contest with our employees and some of our Foodbuzz bloggers. The contest theme chosen was Halloween. My FM colleagues who agreed to participate were excited and the rest of Team FM was looking forward to tasting their submissions post contest.


Here's Angie doing her first assessment of the eight contestants. We had four FM-ers and four Foodbuzz bloggers. In the background are several of my colleagues. Just note all the smiles. Cake pops will do that to people. They just scream of fun.


For Angie, doing book signings across the country is a bit of a family endeavor. While Angie tours and signs books, her Mom is on deck to capture the event in pictures. That's Sandy snapping away.


Angie paced up and down the line of cake pop entries. She took in all the details.


She asked each baker about her cake pops.


What was used for hair or hats or eyes, Angie wanted to know. The bakers asked Angie about tips and tricks on how to improve on their process.


My colleague Taria made these. That Taria. She's so clever.


Caitlin made a scary witch with these scary eyeballs. Even the hat is edible.


Beth made these yummy orange cake pops. I know they were delicious since I had one...or maybe two.


Look at the detail on these.


One of the Foodbuzz bloggers, Gina, made these adorable signs for each of her cake pops.


Loved the candy corn cake pops.


Look how creative these gals were. This cake pop came in its own tiny coffin.


They're so cute, it's hard to imagine eating them.


Lynn made a bucket of Cake Pop Horrors. Its presentation was so amazing.

Taria Bakerella

After much consideration, Angie picked Taria's cake pops. Here's Angie with Taria. Congrats, Taria.


And of the Foodbuzz bloggers, Angie picked Gina's submission. Way to go, Lynn.


Each of the eight participants was rewarded with an inscribed Cake Pops book.


Angie is always so professional and prepared. I offered her a black sharpie so she could sign books, but she comes prepared with a hot pink sharpie, cuz that's how she rolls.


She was very gracious with her time. She took pictures with each cake pop contestant. Here's Caitlin and Angie. Nice job, Caitlin. Loved your cake pops.


And Angie took pictures with the FM staff. Here are Jonna and Sacha.


With the contest over, it was now time for the taste test. Here's Sascha's pick. She went for the green monster.


Jonna chose Taria's Dracula cake pop. Can I have the name of your dentist, Jonna? What a smile.


And yes, that's me mugging with Angie.


It was quite a fun morning. Thanks to my FM pals and Foodbuzz bloggers who partcipated in the contest. Everyone had a ball, even those of us who didn't participate.

But thank you, Angie, for your time and judging our Halloween cake pop contest. You made our day.

For those of you looking to get your inner cake pop on, visit Bakerella or watch Angie explain how to make them here.

And Happy Halloween.

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