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I’m pretty lucky. I work with a lot of talented people who started websites that grew into something much larger, allowing them to make it their day job. I’ve heard their stories about how and why they started their sites, the twists and turns it took along the way. These folks inspire me so much so I started my own.

One of the sites I work with is, run by the talented Jean Aw. Jean writes about beautiful things that intrigue her; her site is a treat to read and look at, but what I like most is that she’s just plain creative and fun.

JeanAw2 is the blog portion of her site, where Jean writes about stuff that she finds well designed, technologically advanced or simply cool. She writes for creatives everywhere because she is one. Her masters in user experience design trained her to have a keen eye towards things that are designed well including industrial design to packaging and branding. is the section of her site where design lovers and trendsetters can share what inspires them. offers pages and pages of aesthetically and visually intriguing pictures of things people think are share-worthy, like architecture, lighting, or cars.

But Jean keeps the inspiration going with her other sections. NotCouture offers the latest on men’s and women’s fashion. Liqurious taunts you with visuals of beautiful looking (and tasting, from what I hear) cocktails, the way cocktails should look when served. If you’re hungry, don’t visit her Tasteologie site. The pictures will literally make your mouth water and that’s just mean.

Jean travels the world, literally, often at the invite of companies who want her to get a sneak peak at the release of some new product, a new car model, or a renovated hotel. She’s a trendsetter and companies that manufacture luxury items or provide luxury services or roll out cool tech stuff get that and want Jean to understand their latest offering. This means she’s on the go a lot, doesn’t sleep much or is jet lagged. You’re better off catching Jean late night than in the morning. She’s so not a morning person.


What’s so great is that Jean is doing something she just loves. She likes finding one new, cool thing a day that inspires her and thinks is share-worthy with her readers. And it works. He audience loves her finds.

The name NOTCOT, you ask? Something she came up during one of her late nights. It rhymed with the old search engine HotBot, and it’s a word that has good symmetry. Remember, she’s into good design.

If you’re not familiar with her work, stop by her site. Warning though, her site = highly addictive. Thanks, Jean.

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