Our Winner, Joan

Joan Uhler

This is our friend Joan. She's fabulous. She allowed me to snap this picture after she had just finished the Bay To Breakers, an annual San Francisco run that brings out the crazies. I exclude her from that lot. Here she's showing off her medal, while celebrating with a much needed coffee.

Joan is exceptionally talented. Besides being a sharp real estate banker, she's has a magical touch with all things that grow in a garden, like flowers, fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs. We've nicknamed her the Martha Stewart of the West Coast, because she's got the knack. The knack to do just about everything right, from throwing awesome parties to arranging flowers to cooking Thanksgiving turkeys to perfection. Joan just knows how to make things look pretty or taste great.

When B and I were getting married, she very generously offered to arrange all of our flowers. When I think of what she took on, it was monumental. On the day of our wedding, we enlisted the help of my sisters and friends to assemble everything, and under her directions, we produced 17 table arrangements, 9 boutonnieres, 4 bouquets, and many other floral arrangements. The end result was amazing; the flowers were exquisite.

And now she can add beekeeper to her list of talents. She recently got a beehive in her garden, a beekeeper suit, and all the accessories, and is having a ball as a Beekeeper Joan. And while she educated herself about the queen bee, drones, and their amazing rituals, she educated us along the way. I'm terrified of bees, but I so enjoy when she tells us about them and what she's up to.

We can't wait for the honey, Joan. Here's to all you do.

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