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Giants Parade

I know. It's old news date-wise, but it never gets old to me and/or any other San Francisco Giants fans. For one week last November 2010, we Bay Area fans were besides ourselves that our hometown team had won the World Series, beating the Texas Rangers 3 to 1 in game five. The victory happened on Texas turf on November 1, and the parade followed two days later on November 3 when San Francisco all but shut down for the day to one of the greatest celebrations this city will ever see.

Giants Parade 1

Unless you got to your viewing spot at say 6 a.m., you likely found yourself about 10-people back from the parade line. I'm crowdaphobic but on this day, I sucked it up and joined the ranks of the overjoyed to watch the show. I didn't get a good spot, but I put on my zoom lens and did the best I could given that I got to the parade late and was way in the back.

Giants Gabe

This is my co-worker Gabe. He's quite smart and dexterous. What you can't see here is that he's balancing on the top of a fire hydrant in order to get a good view. He stood there unwavering for some 1.5 hours.

Giants Parade  Mugs

That's me. Some gal next to me felt I needed my picture taken to mark this momentous occasion. I obliged.

Giants Parade Watcher

This guy's face says it all. And his smile seemed to be replicated on just about everyone else attending the parade. Nothing like a World Series win to bring the city together and put a collective grin on everyone's face.

Giants Parade Confetti

The parade got underway and with it the confetti started to rain down.

Giants Parade5

They had to pull the parade together in a jiffy, so I tip my hat to the parade organizers. They did a lot of smart things, including having a lot of the Giants' support staff lead the parade, including parking attendants, concession sellers, and administrative staff. Everyone who had a hand in the ballpark and/or the team was included. I like that. Inclusion and recognition is important, even for folks not on the field.

Giants Parade6

There was float after float, and a sea of orange and black.

Giants Parade7

And lots of signage about the torture being over, a reference to 1954 being the last year that the Giants won a World Series.

Giants Parade8

Even through all the screaming, you could still hear these tuba players. They look sharp, don't they?

Giants Parade9

Here are our NBC local anchors Brett Cannon and his wife Laura Garcia-Cannon.

Giants Parade16

I want that t-shirt. It was a favorite expression of my Dad's.

Giants Parade17

And the parade wouldn't be complete without the team mascot, Lou Seal.

Giants Parade10

Then our politicians started coming through. That's former Mayor Gavin Newsom, now California Lieutenant Governor.

Giants Parade11

Remember, I'm in the back with a zoom and every time I go to take a shot, 100 hands got in my way.

Giants Parade12

That's Senator Diane Feinstein, Di Fi, for short. That's her husband Richard Blum. She lives here in San Francisco when she's not in DC.

Giants Parade13

Then Larry Baer drove by. He's the President of the Giants. That's quite a title.

Giants Parade15

Then some former Giants players went by. They were beaming.

Giants Parade14

That's Willie McCovey in the passenger seat. He played for the Giants from 1959 to 1973. AT&T Park is adjacent to water and there's a wonderful cove behind the outfield. Occasionally a ball player will belt a homer so hard, it will clear the stands and land in the water. It's called McCovey Cove after Willie.

Giants Parade18

That's Bruce Bochey, the Manager of the Giants. He's riding with his wife but holding the oh-so-very important trophy.

Giants Parade19

Aaron Rowand and National League MVP Cody Ross' cable car kicked off the player brigade.

Giants Parade21

That's Cody from the back, giving props to the opposite side of the parade watchers

Giants Parade20

That's Aaron. The players seemed just as interested in shooting pictures and/or videos as the crowd did.

Giants Parade23

That's picture Jeremy Affeldt.

Giants Parade24

Jeremy upclose.

Giants Parade25

That's Juan Uribe. U-Ribe. U-Ribe. I got that chant stuck in my head for a good three days. He's now with the Dodgers. Boo.

Giants Parade27

That's Pitcher Matt Cain.

Giants Parade30

There's Andre Torres. That guy is super fast.

Giants Parade31

That's outfielder Pat Burrell. He's my neighbor. He's also rumored to be The Machine.

Giants Parade22

When Pitcher Brian Wilson came by, there was so much cheering and jockeying for a better position to see him that I didn't get a picture of him. The best I could do was get this sign.

Giants Parade32

And finally, pitcher Tim Lincecum came back in the last of the cars, signifying that the parade had officially passed by. It went on for hours up at City Hall where throngs of people stood, cheered, and teared up at seriously one of the greatest celebrations I know I'll ever attend. It was quite a feeling.

Giants Parade2

So thank you, San Francisco Giants, for an incredible 2010 season.

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