So That’s Why JLo’s Trending


Our friend and neighbor, Garen Scribner, has two high-profile jobs. He's a soloist in the San Francisco Ballet and he's dad to Pilot, the wunder dog. In between these two key roles, he may do another gig teaching or performing elsewhere when the Ballet is off-season. Awhile back, he shared with B and me that he had been tapped to dance in a L'Oreal Paris commercial with a well-known celebrity.

That someone is Jennifer Lopez. And it's just the two of them in the commercial. As most of you know, she's everywhere these days. The commercial isn't running yet, but the above video is the behind-the-scenes/making of video. It starts with Garen doing push ups.

It's a treat to watch you dance, Garen. And now my friends elsewhere can see you as well. Very impressive, G. Congrats.

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