The All-American Chest Bump


I live in San Francisco and when you live here, you see a lot of things that you probably don't see in other parts of the country. People wearing interesting outfits and at times, no outfits at all. We love Halloween here. It seems to get celebrated many more times throughout the year than just October 31.


Take these guys, for example. Is it the Fourth of July? The World Cupper Soccer Championship? A sprockets reunion? No, it's actually at the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Concert in Golden Gate Park every October.


I wouldn't be psyched about having my eyes, nose, and mouth covered like this guy's, but it seems to work for him. The other guy seemed to value breathing unencumbered.


Let's just say they didn't look like the rest of the crowd. Most people looked like this.

It's never dull here in San Francisco. I'm a little unclear as to what prompted them to put on skin-tight red, white and blue leotards, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, and that's all that matters.

Welcome to San Francisco.

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