Tom Grams

Tom Grams

Like many of you, I work for a fast-paced company and my days are pretty jammed with lots of meetings, deadlines, and unexpected asks. So chitting and chatting on the phone with pals is done pre and post work hours, but when this guy calls, I try to always pick up. This is Tom Grams. I've known him for ... let's just say, quite some time. We met here in San Francisco when I moved here post Tufts. And then post grad school, I took a job with the Discovery Channel where Tom and I worked together for something like six years. We worked together for another stint back here in San Francisco for what was then the cable network ZDTV and today is called G4.

Tom is both a friend and a work confidant. He has a consulting company and does work for cable networks as well as online properties; His specialty is distribution both domestic and international. But besides being my go-to-guy for shop talk, Tom is just the one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and in turn, has one of the nicest wives you'll ever meet, Anke.

So on this Friday one day last month, I got a call to come to their house for an impromptu post work barbeque and we did. Here's Tom trying to smile through the grill smoke.

Tom At The Grill

He's a master griller as you can see. Look at the way he places those burgers on the grill. And if you're wondering, that's Marin in the background. If we were in San Francisco, the backdrop would be a blanket of fog, but not here in Marin.

Thanks, TG, for upmteen years of friendship and counsel, and keep up those grill skills.

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  1. 1
    Tommy says:

    Nice guy? check.
    Wonderful wife? check.
    Master griller extraordinaire? WHO KNEW!

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