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Keep Walking, Pal

I’m guessing the bubble over this dog’s head reads, press on and no one gets hurt. I took this on Chestnut Street, and after the click of the camera, this German Shepherd had had enough. … Read More

Some Punctuation Is Missing

Only in New England. I think if you added a colon between Residents Privileged and Stickers Required, you’d have quite a statement. You don’t really see signs like this in California.

Calling a Spade A Spade

I’m a bit of a straight shooter, so I love when people don’t pussy foot around with words. I’m sorry, what is it that you sell? Oh, Tasty Salted Pig Parts. I was unclear for … Read More

Some Serious Windsurfing

People in San Francisco work hard, play hard, but some play harder than others. I see this person’s car pretty often, and it’s always overloaded with umpteen surfboards and who knows what else. In fact, … Read More

Do Not Kick

On several occasions, Garen treated us to a backstage tour of The San Francisco Ballet before one of his performances. The plan was always the same. Meet at the side door where the dancers and … Read More

Well Hello Mizz Pink

I think her license plate says it all. She’s kinda hard to miss and I think that’s the point. I was walking on a street in downtown San Francisco when I came across Mizz Pink’s … Read More

Sometimes People Match the Furniture

It doesn’t get much better than this. Matching chair, tank, and hat. This gal has it going it on. The place, The Island Cow, Sanibel Island, Florida.