Maui’s Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

Maui Ritz1

B and I went to Maui to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We ping ponged all over the island from Wailea to Kapalua. One of the places we stayed was here at the Ritz-Carlton Maui Kapalua. Wow. It was lovely, expansive, and quite luxurious.

Maui Ritz4

It has these three pools at different levels, offering slightly varied views.

Maui Ritz5

And in between, it has these waterfalls that connect them.

Maui Ritz3
Kapalua is on the Northwestern part of Maui, found here. It's known for beautiful beaches, strong winds, and surfing. Because it can be pretty windy that means the hotel needs to come up with some crafty ways of keeping the umbrellas stable. Check out these rather solid umbrellas. They're not blowing away any time soon.

Maui Ritz6

If you're a pool person, The Ritz has them. I am and these were some of the most beautiful I've been to.

Maui Ritz7

And if you have kids, it's great for them, too.

Maui Ritz8

The property is rather large, so much so that if you're not up for walking, you can get carted around.

Maui Ritz9

There's plenty to do when you're not enjoying the pool. Tennis is available and the backdrop of the ocean isn't too shabby.

Maui Ritz16

But most people going to Maui, go for the beaches. And The Ritz delivers that, too. Look at this setting.

Maui Ritz12

And if you're hungry, there's no sweeter spot than sitting on the water, watching the waves, while enjoying some delicious food, here at The Beach House.

Maui Ritz13
You'll want to be careful here if you go in the water. The undercurrent can be strong, depending on the day. The security staff is great about listing the conditions, but nonetheless, it's best to be very mindful of the undercurrent.

Maui Ritz11

I'm all about how things are displayed. I loved their choice of towels and how they were perfectly stacked.

Maui Ritz10

And if you wanted to hang out on the beach, but not get sandy, you can do so in one of these comfortable chaise lounges.

Maui Ritz15

I love when a place puts an emphasis on elegance over practicality. Love these chairs. But I bet they'd argue with me that they're both elegant and practical. Either way, they look good.

Maui Ritz17

I'm always taking pictures of the little things, like chandeliers. The pineapple is a symbolic of hospitality. I'm all about the details.

Maui Ritz19
If you want a dose of the gym, The Ritz has a terrific one. Not your average hotel gym. This room was complete with more equipment than almost any other hotel I've been in. Nice.

Maui Ritz20

No surprise, our room was lovely too. Subtle, elegant, and tasteful.

Maui Ritz2

And what a bar. This picture doesn't do it justice but that dramatic red swirl illuminates and is really captivating.

Maui Ritz18

Speaking of captivating, we had the obligatory fruity drink, complete with orchid petals.

Maui Ritz14

We loved it here. B loved the quiet nature of the area, how expansive The Ritz was, and how you really felt like you were away. We'd definitely would go back there.

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