Spring in Sonoma

Just 50 minutes northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge is the town of Sonoma, the namesake for the county it's also part of. Whereas many tourists head to Napa for wine tasting and vineyard hopping, B and I have taken a shine to Sonoma. It's smaller, quieter, and closer to where we live.

DSC 0536

On this spring day, B and I drove up here.  The sky seemed to be confused. The fog was trying to clear and the sun was trying to break through, all at once.

DSC 0429
Sonoma City Hall

A few more minutes and we hit blue skies. When you approach the Sonoma Square, you come face to face with the City Hall, a really pretty stone building.

DSC 0444

This is the view from the City Hall facing Broadway, the road that leads up to the Square. The Square offers clothing boutiques, home decor stores, and plenty of spots to taste wine.

DSC 0419

Like many places in Northern California, Sonoma is flush with great restaurants, like The El Dorado Hotel. It's both a hotel and a restaurant. And during the annual Sonoma Film Festival, the hotel is a popular place that books up early.

DSC 0456

One of the most well-known restaurants here is The Girl and the Fig, offering exquisite food from Provence.

  DSC 0461

We had just walked past when this man drove by, almost on cue.

DSC 0484

Across the street is one of my favorite stores, Summer Vine. I have a weak spot for linens, candles, and dishes, and this store delivers.

DSC 0470

DSC 0481
Sonoma's Summer Vine

Down the street is the Mission San Francisco Solano, founded in 1823. The Mission is named for St. Francis Solano, missionary to the Peruvian Indians. It’s part of the Sonoma State Historic Park. It’s not an active church. The white is bright and stark.

DSC 0503

We popped into one of my favorite stores, another home decor store. The Corner Store.

DSC 0408

It was here I did a little damage. This bed made up with lovely linens was facing the corner. It took all my energy not to crawl in. I could have sat there all day long and watch the cars and people go by. But we had places to go.

DSC 0412

We got back in the car and drove around. Sonoma offer rich materials for a photographer, even an amateur one.

DSC 0335

The cherry blossoms were in bloom and lined this entire roadway in pink.

DSC 0342

DSC 0520

We finished the day off here at Estate on West Spain Street. We split a pizza, a green salad, and enjoyed a glass of wine. Then it was time to head home. In 50 short minutes, we were back in our house.

DSC 0533
Estate in Sonoma

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  1. 1
    Kate says:

    Mugs – these pictures are beautiful! looking forward to seeing it in real life soon. xok

  2. 2
    Amy Lauer says:

    I love your blog…and your photos are terrific! we are heading to Sonoma for Memorial Day weekend. I cannot wait. Thanks for sharing a few of your favorite places.

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