The Four Seasons Maui

I’ve turned into a bit of a hotel snob. Years of camping did that to me. I’ve slept in more musty tents and wet sleeping bags than I care to remember.  Show me a miniature box of Special K, and I break into hives.

B and I celebrated our anniversary recently, and we headed back to Hawaii where we went on our honeymoon. Since we went to the Big Island after our wedding, we decided to try another island. Maui was our choice. You pretty much can't go wrong on any Hawaiian island. It's hard to beat the weather, the warmth of the Hawaiians, and the Mai Tais.

We stayed at the Four Seasons Maui located on Wailea for a few nights. From the welcome tea that awaits you when you arrive to the white cloth they place squarely on each side of the bed, so your bare feet don’t touch the ground, The Four Seasons spares no detail.


Everywhere you walk, the hotel offers artwork worthy of a look. 



And then there was the furniture. Elegant and tasteful without sacrificing comfort.



And around the hotel, there are smartly arranged, eye-popping bouquets of indigenous flowers.



But most people's attention is drawn outside, where the water is. The pools and the beach. And here they don't disappoint. The Four Seasons has several pools, one they call the serenity pool.


It's here where people gather, with drink in hand and hang their feet in the hot tub while taking in the scene.


And the scenery is just lush and dramatic. Nothing beats an afternoon in an infinity pool with this type of backdrop.


OK,  add a bar with seating in the pool itself with a tropical drink in hand, and, well, life is pretty good.


And all of a sudden the serenity pool turns a little less serene. If you know someone thinking about a place to marry, there are few locations more picturesque than this.


Add in the perfect sunset.


Sweeten the experience with a thoughtful anniversary remembrance from a fantastic sister-in-law and brother-in-law who send something like this...


...and that makes for one amazing anniversary trip.

We loved it there. The Four Seasons Maui is simply a first-rate experience.


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  1. 1
    Barbara Barrielle says:

    Hi Mugs –

    We do the PR for Four Seasons Resort Maui and love this blog. Would you mind if we linked to it from our Facebook page? And maybe use it as testimonial?

    Thanks for enjoying your time with us in Maui and letting everyone know about it!


    • admin says:

      Thanks, Barbara. I would be honored. And thank you for asking.

  2. 2

    […] If you're wondering about these three gals, they are from Ken Shutt's sculpture Wahine O Wailea (which means, The Women of Wailea). It's made of bronze and white patina. Patina, love that word. This is one of the many pieces of art on the Four Season Maui property. B and I were there during our February anniversary. […]

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