The Ft. Mason Farmer’s Market

Every Sunday between 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m San Francisco's Ft. Mason holds a farmer's market, and it's quite a good one. It's relatively small, but the quality of the offerings is great. From produce you can buy and cook later to hot dishes you can eat and enjoy right there. Here's a small sampling of what they offer.

Farmers Market Raspberry

Perfectly ripe raspberries ready to eat. Yum.

Farmers Market Blueberries

Buckets of hand-picked blueberries. I love the matching tablecloth.

Farmers Market Cherry Vendor

And right next to the blueberry guy is the cherry guy.

Farmers Market Cherries

He has Ranier cherries. B loves these.

Farmers Market Roasted Chickens

If you're a roasted chicken lover, get one of these. Even she agrees.

Farmers Market Strawberries

Strawberries anyone? We buy them in bulk.

Farmers Market Snap Peas

I love cooking with snap peas. These are amazing.

Farmers Market Yellow Squash

The yellow squash were beautiful.

Farmers Market Oranges

These orange were pretty odd looking. They're Seville oranges. Apparently they're sour and their bumpy exterior made me curious, so I took their picture.

Farmers Market No Dogs

Sorry, Pilot. You can't come. Nor can your pals.

Farmers Market Ft

So if you're in search of good food or merely a visual treat, pop on over to the Farmer's Market on any Sunday. It's a great place to spend an hour or two.

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    Doug Hayden says:

    Thank you so much for this great visual feast. The farmers and vendors really appreciate it. The bumpy oranges are called “Golden Nugget” and are the ugliest citrus you can find. But they are very sweet as they are left on the tree all winter, gathering sugar until finally picked in May. They are done for now, check them out next year.

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