The Paper House

The Paper House

My friend Maria appreciates the peculiar things in life and The Paper House rates up there among the most out-there ideas ever executed. As part of my recent New England tour, Maria and I went to the Cape Ann peninsula, located on the north shore of Boston, and stopped by The Paper House.

This house is made of paper. Newspaper to be exact. It was built by a mechanical engineer named Elis Stenman in 1922. He built the house out of paper since paper provides good insulatation. But Stenman didn’t stop with the house. He built the furniture out of paper too, including a grandfather clock that is quite impressive.

Next time you're in the Boston area and you're up for good fish eats and beautiful scenery, head north to Rockport. While you're there, swing by The Paper House, and think of Maria when you do. It'll bring a smile to her face knowing someone else appreciates eccentric and talented people.

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    Your friend Maria says:

    Is this the place where I express gratitude for your ungrateful shout-out? For the record, it was Barbara’s idea.

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