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Meet the Neighbors

Here are just a few of my Mom’s neighbors that live at the end of her street. My Dad used to call this alligator Charlie. I have no idea if Charlie is male or female, … Read More

The Sanibel Causeway

  I’m a wee bit obsessed with symmetry. Even spaces. Straight lines. Equidistant objects. Everything in its place. To my snarky friends reading this, pipe down. I know I’m fueling the fodder for my orderly … Read More


It was hard to miss this pink and blue umbrella, perfectly angled on one of Sanibel’s lovely beaches. It made you want to curl right under it and just watch time pass. And well, I … Read More

The Sweetest of Flowers

My Mom lives in Florida, a state that has such a varied selection of flowers, so different from Connecticut and the Bay Area. These are plumbago auriculata, a flower native to South Africa. They also … Read More

The Bubble Room of Captiva Island

Sanibel and Captiva Islands are located on the Gulf side of Florida. To get there, you drive over the causeway that connects Ft. Myers to Sanibel. Head north on Sanibel and eventually you’ll get to … Read More