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So That’s Why JLo’s Trending

Our friend and neighbor, Garen Scribner, has two high-profile jobs. He’s a soloist in the San Francisco Ballet and he’s dad to Pilot, the wunder dog. In between these two key roles, he may do … Read More

The Greyhound In Him

Pilot has two speeds.  0, when he’s sleeping which is much of the time. And 100, when he’s sprinting through fields and making us chase after him. He’s a rescue so Garen and Scott aren’t … Read More

Do Not Kick

On several occasions, Garen treated us to a backstage tour of The San Francisco Ballet before one of his performances. The plan was always the same. Meet at the side door where the dancers and … Read More

Meet Pilot

This is Pilot. Or Pi. Or Pi Pi.  If he were in the military, his call sign would be ‚ÄúRolling Thunder.” He lives in our apartment building, the prized possession of our neighbors, now friends, … Read More