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SF Giants World Series Champs-Round 2

The Giants won the World Series in Detroit on a Sunday night and came back to San Francisco Monday afternoon. I, along with some 5,000 other fans, kept tabs on their arrival and timed their … Read More

Walk-Up Songs For the Rest of Us

I’ve attended more baseball games this year than in the past because our awesome San Francisco Giants won the World Series (still feels good to type that), and I’m now well versed in what each … Read More

SF Giants 2010 Champions

I know. It’s old news date-wise, but it never gets old to me and/or any other San Francisco Giants fans. For one week last November 2010, we Bay Area fans were besides ourselves that our … Read More

Die-Hard Giants Fan

The Giants are in town this week and that means the fans are revved, like this guy. He got his game shirt on and is ready to roll. He’s having a pre-game nip. Batter up. … Read More

San Francisco Giants Opening Day Game

I work right near AT&T Park and took my camera down there to capture the fever of the Opening Day game. Lest you forget, San Francisco won the 2010 World Series. Fall 2010 was just … Read More