Italian Men Wear Loud Pants

Red Pants Florence

I don't like generalizations, but I'm making an exception. I went to Italy twice in a year (yes, I'm being obnoxious and rubbing it in), and I just couldn't get over how many Italian men wore loud-colored pants, especially red. And they looked...well...decent...even good. At first I was getting the shakes thinking the 80s preppy movement was here all over again, until I didn't see the dreaded pink and green colors, either individually and quilted together, on any man. Just red, orange, and yellow pants seemed to be the choice here.Red Pants

And of course if you're going to wear them, you need leather loafers and a jacket to throw over your shoulder to complete the look.

Red Pants2

This guy, seen leering at me, accented his look with a leather satchel. He's wearing his lace ups here in Florence. He is sporting the up-turned collar though, so perhaps shades of the preppy movement are on the return. God, I hope not.

Yellow Pants2

This was the more casual loud-pant look. I like to call it cargo loud. He more sensible walking shoes on and was probably on a mission somewhere.

Yellow Pants Florence

OK, so I'll go out here on a limb and guess that this guy isn't Italian but he seemed to get the memo about the loud pants (and shoes, for that matter).

Orange Pants

If I thought B would wear a pair I would have bought these. And to correct myself, there's a pair St. Patrick's Day green trousers right behind these orange ones.

Yellow Jacket Man

And just when I thought it was restricted to pants, I came across this guy working this look and the phone, for that matter. And no, I don't think he was in costume for anything. Love the zebra Bermuda shorts.

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