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Chestnuts Roasting

Not exactly on an open fire. More like on a NYC street cart. But hey, they look pretty good, don’t they? They even smelled good, especially on a street that didn’t exactly.

SF Giants World Series Champs-Round 2

The Giants won the World Series in Detroit on a Sunday night and came back to San Francisco Monday afternoon. I, along with some 5,000 other fans, kept tabs on their arrival and timed their … Read More

It Sort Of Says It All

Sanibel Island is beautiful; it’s replete with wildlife of all kinds, alligators, birds, and even the gopher tortoise. Not many animals get their own sign, but the gopher tortoise does, cuz it’s special. And this … Read More

Cake or Death?

Every time I see a cake, whether simple or elaborate like this one from Greg and Becky’s wedding, I think of Eddie Izzard. If you’re not familiar with him, you’re missing out. Eddie is an … Read More

Almost Spring

It’s still technically winter but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Like many places this year, we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter. Nothing demonstrates this better than this sweet little toddler, sporting her fine yellow … Read More

The Sanibel Causeway

  I’m a wee bit obsessed with symmetry. Even spaces. Straight lines. Equidistant objects. Everything in its place. To my snarky friends reading this, pipe down. I know I’m fueling the fodder for my orderly … Read More


It’s been a wonderful year, even though nothing too extraordinary happened on a personal front. Sometimes it’s important to celebrate what doesn’t happen in life. It was a year of staying the course.  So as … Read More

Love Blank

My Dad was the stricter of our two parents. He held a high bar for us when it came to getting good grades, doing chores, and being respectful to people, especially our teachers. He was … Read More

Carolyn’s 3 – Week 4

Happy Halloween, everyone. To get you in the mood for this week’s music selects, DJ Carolyn has teed up the following three picks. Thanks, Carolyn. Loved these. ——- #1. Heart on Fire by Scars on … Read More

Show Us Your Teeth, Pi!

Look! No cavities. Here’s Pilot, showing me the inside of his mouth. For such a thin, cut pooch, he sure does love to eat…things he shouldn’t be eating, too. But nonetheless, his teeth are in … Read More