Corner Paradise. Morning Coffee in the Marina.

The morning coffee routine is a big deal for B and me. Most days, I jump out of bed and head to the kitchen to start the process of a two-cup java jolt. But if we don't make our own, we head out for a morning walk in our neighborhood - destination coffee.

We live in San Francisco's Marina district, and by its name, you can probably deduce that it's on the water. Chestnut Street is the main drag and offers a great line up coffee shops. We usually head to the Presidio Starbucks. It's there you can sit outdoors, take in the view, and avoid the noise of cars and buses going by.

But on this day, we stopped off at the Grove, a popular spot, where during prime time, you'll find 9 out of 10 people on the laptops, camped out and thumping on their keyboard for much of the day. On this morning, we sat outside in the sun and watched our neighborhood wake up.

DSC 0604
The scene from The Grove

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