Golden Gate Swim and Tennis Club

I'm a pool person. I like to know what I'm swimming in. That doesn't mean I don't like oceans, but I like knowing that nothing creepy crawly is going to nip at my feet.

This is my passion. I love swimming, and I love going here. It's San Francisco Golden Gate Swim and Tennis Club. I don't do much of the tennis part, but I'm in the pool some four days a week.

There's nothing like swimming outdoors in a major metropolitan city with a view of the Transamerica Building, even in winter. That's the pyramid building you're seeing in the background. I swim for 45 minutes or so, shower outdoor (yes, even with the planes flying overhead), get myself ready and coiffed, and then head to work, where I'm ready to rumble. It's the greatest feeling and the best way to start my day.

Morning at the pool

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