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Some people (women) spend spend oodles of time shopping for clothes. I'm not one of them. But when I do go shopping, I log time in home decor shops that offer unique, local items with personality, practicality, and perhaps a twist. Add in a great store window and in-store displays, coupled with an engaging story-telling owner, and I'm forever a repeat customer.


Meet Cheryl Modica, the owner of Modica on Union Street in San Francisco. She opened her shop on Union Street some years ago. Whenever I need a little something something for myself, for someone else, for a wedding, I go see Cheryl. She's got great taste from purses, satchels, totes, scarves, jewelry, dishes, frames, art, soaps, and candles...everything there is quite tempting.

Modica2 1

She carries her sister Annie's fabulous line of decoupage trays, lazy Susans, wastebaskets, and tissue holders. My problem is I go in there to buy for someone else, I come out with their gift and something for me.

Modica1 1

She has the knack of displaying and decorating. The lighting is beautiful, the walls are painted in a soft yellow, and it always smells good in there.

Modica3 1

During my last stop, I bought a pair of earrings and two small, antique white small plates for myself. Did I need them? No. Did I have to have them? Yes.

Modica5 1

So if you're a Bay Area local or making San Francisco destination, take a stroll into Modica and say hi to Cheryl. Ask her about an item you're interested in, and she'll tell you the back story as to why she chose that designer or product. All of her products are a result of careful selection, and since I value pretty things and quality things, this is one shop that consistently delivers. Thanks, Cheryl.

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  1. 1
    Cheryl Modica says:

    Hi Mugsy
    Great seeing you and your adorable husband over the weekend!! I am loving reading the somewhere . Thanks for all the nice things you said about Modica Home. That picture Tells me it’s time for some work on the face scary!! Hope u had a good fourth I liked what you said about your dad.


  2. 2
    Margaret Harrison says:

    I witnessed Cheryl Modica curse at a kind Mill Valley police officer today. She is a raving lunatic. It is so important that we cherish our first responders and protectors right now more than ever. She called the officer and “a-hole”. I am shocked.
    Her store has very cheap looking, average, merchandise and she is a beast of a person.

    • Annie Rennee says:

      This is shameful. I know Cheryl and her fun eclectic store. I was picking an order up and wondered why someone was selling posters on the sidewalk when we are under orders to social distance. Of all the crazy things this woman set up her biz on the sidewalk when the legitimate rent and tax paying stores would have to deal with a street person selling posters there.
      MODICA is a great addition to the community and a beautiful store that sells a great mix of products and super customer service. This poster seller should be cited she’s the rude one. Don’t buy from her. I’ll bet she does this wherever she can get away with it.

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