Monthly Archives: May 2011

Calla Lily in the Presidio

Georgia O’Keeffe was on to something when she painted calla lilies. They’re exquisite, like this one here that I shot in the Presidio.

A Wedding in Florence

I’m a bit of a sap for weddings. Even before I got married, I loved going to them. I’m usually one of the guests blubbering through the bride and groom’s vows. They get me every … Read More

The Sweetest of Flowers

My Mom lives in Florida, a state that has such a varied selection of flowers, so different from Connecticut and the Bay Area. These are plumbago auriculata, a flower native to South Africa. They also … Read More

Keep It Coming

Yes, please, and keep it coming. After a holiday weekend when I have to get back at it, this is what I’ll be doing much of the day. BTW, I love white coffee cups. I … Read More

A Day in West Marin

Today B and I drove to West Marin, an area northwest of the Golden Gate Bridge. We were headed to Pt. Reyes’ Open Art Studios, an all-day event where artists open their homes or their … Read More


I can’t help it, but I love symmetry. I’m all for free form and the occasional coloring outside of the box, but when it comes to things being perfectly in line, I’m right there. I … Read More

The Ft. Mason Farmer’s Market

Every Sunday between 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m San Francisco’s Ft. Mason holds a farmer’s market, and it’s quite a good one. It’s relatively small, but the quality of the offerings is great. From produce you can … Read More

Some Serious Windsurfing

People in San Francisco work hard, play hard, but some play harder than others. I see this person’s car pretty often, and it’s always overloaded with umpteen surfboards and who knows what else. In fact, … Read More

Happy Memorial Day

I love Memorial Day and not just because that means I get three days off. I love that we honor US military personnel both deceased, inactive, and/or currently on duty. My Pop was a military … Read More

The Greyhound In Him

Pilot has two speeds.  0, when he’s sleeping which is much of the time. And 100, when he’s sprinting through fields and making us chase after him. He’s a rescue so Garen and Scott aren’t … Read More