Monthly Archives: June 2011

Kara’s Cupcakes = Yum!

About ten years ago I was in New York for business and hanging with my friends Will and Harlan. They live in the West Village. It was a really beautiful and warm summer night and … Read More

The Palace of Fine Arts

I live ten blocks away from here, The Palace of Fine Arts, a monumental structure built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. That event was essentially a world’s fair held in San Francisco to celebrate … Read More

Bumble Bee Mid Flight

I felt like I was watching something on Discovery Channel. Here in the midst of my street in the Marina, I saw this bumble bee buzzing amidst these pretty poppies. He didn’t seem to be … Read More

Pale Blue Flowers

Just a hint of blue, enough to catch my eye. A thing of beauty, a joy for ever.

Tully’s On Fillmore

On the corner of Fillmore an Jackson Streets in San Francisco, you’ll find Tully’s, a spot where you can stop for a coffee, sit outdoors, enjoy the color of their potted plants, and take in … Read More

Dinner At Celia’s

We had dinner at our friend Celia’s a couple of weeks back. She has quite a house and tremendous sense of making her decor so inviting, like the way she set the dinner table. The … Read More

SF Giants 2010 Champions

I know. It’s old news date-wise, but it never gets old to me and/or any other San Francisco Giants fans. For one week last November 2010, we Bay Area fans were besides ourselves that our … Read More

Modica on Union Street

Some people (women) spend spend oodles of time shopping for clothes. I’m not one of them. But when I do go shopping, I log time in home decor shops that offer unique, local items with … Read More

Before the Bloom

  I’m not sure which part of a flower’s bloom is my favorite – when it’s in full bloom or just prior. I live in San Francisco, where many people have their own flower gardens … Read More

Boogie Boarding on Makena

  There’s so much going on here. How fun is this guy having? And how ’bout that dog in the background, cool as a cucumber. He’s having the time of his life, or rather, a … Read More