Monthly Archives: July 2011

Girl Down

  I visited my in laws recently for a little summer fun. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have a place on a lake. It’s fabulous. It’s such a slice of summer fun, something we dont’ get … Read More

Hens in the Window

  I want one of these. In fact, I want them all. I love their collective colors and sizes, so picking one would be hard to choose. And, my propensity for perfect symmetry and details … Read More

One Great Tagline

I did a lot of walking around Manhattan while I was there (in between dodging the heat) and there’s just to see there – good, bad, funny, elegant, sad, beautiful, just everything you could imagine. … Read More

Cousin John

This is my cousin John Banks. He’s the youngest of my four cousins, and the closest in age to me. Whereas I grew up in Wilton, he and his brothers grew up in Milton. Massachusetts, … Read More

Outdoor NYC Dining

This is what I miss about New York. The ability to dine outside in style. This is just one of the many awesome restaurants in NYC, specifically Greenwich Village, that offer outdoor dining with a … Read More

B’s Knees

That’s the death-stare down I see a lot. This is Pilot’s unflinching guilt face that he gives you when you’re eating something. Those are B’s knees, literally. B was eating some apples or cheese or … Read More

Sweet Jadzy

Say hi to Jadzy. What a sweetie. Look at her face, skeptically eying me as I snap her picture.  Jadzy is owned by Jeane. We were minding Jadzy, while Jeane played tennis.  Jadzy took a … Read More

Walk-Up Songs For the Rest of Us

I’ve attended more baseball games this year than in the past because our awesome San Francisco Giants won the World Series (still feels good to type that), and I’m now well versed in what each … Read More

All It’s Missing Is a Bell

A lot of people have high-end bikes and put themselves through all sorts of machinations for the ultimate biking experience. And although I like doing that from time to time, I’m also all about the … Read More


  That’s my sister, Julia. She looks good in red, a color I look horrible in. It’s been awhile since we’ve hung out and I miss her, so I thought I’d picture her here. She … Read More