Monthly Archives: August 2011

Welcome to San Francisco Summer

For all you folks sweating it out in places like the Midwest or somewhere along the Eastern border, here’s a sliver of our reality. Welcome to San Francisco, summer style. My friend Anne had a … Read More

When You’re Married To an Accordion Player

Bob picked up the accordion when he was 5 and never put it down. He took to it quickly and is really good at it. As in, amazing. He played professionally during high school and … Read More

Goodbye Wilton

We said goodbye to Wilton today. An end of a era. My Mom sold the house I grew up in, a house my family owned for some 47 years. With my Dad gone, my Mom … Read More

Life’s Beautiful Shapes

When you travel around the country and in different parts of the world, you get to see things that are vastly different than the environment in which you grew up, especially the plants and flowers. … Read More

Betty and Kate

My Dad was the youngest of five with all four of his older siblings being girls. Of the five, only two are living, Betty and Kate, these two characters. I made them pose in front … Read More

Grand Central Station

If you grew up in the New York area or had to take a train to Connecticut or to upstate New York, you’re probably very familiar with this spot. It’s the clock in the middle … Read More

The Statue Of Three Lies

My friend Maria and I took a walk around the Harvard Yard this summer. We both went here for grad school, so it was fun to stroll the grounds, which, may I add, are always … Read More

Beach Plums

  If you’ve been to an East Coast beach, in particular along the coast of New England, you’re probably familiar with these, beach plums. Beach plums are stone fruits, related to other plums, like cherries … Read More

Boston Pride

  You’re looking at the TD Garden in Boston where the 2011 Stanley Cup Winning Boston Bruins play. A walk around Boston this summer proved that there is deep Boston pride over the Bruins’ win … Read More

Hello Yello

Just another beautiful yellow flower, worthy of sharing. Thanks for literally brightening my day.