Monthly Archives: September 2011

Bravo, Team FM

I work at Federated Media headquartered here in San Francisco. We represent the best independent websites on the Internet and sell advertising programs on their behalf. It’s a fun, challenging, and growing company. I work … Read More

Carolyn’s 3 – Week 1

As mentioned here, I’m going to start including my friend Carolyn’s three weekly music picks. Here are her top three selects for this week. Her color commentary explains her picks. Thanks, CBM. #1: Junk of … Read More

DJ Carolyn

Carolyn and I met when we were twenty during our junior year semester in Paris. Let’s just say that’s a while ago, and let’s just say we both have incriminating photos of our antics there, … Read More

And The Emmy Goes To…

I worked for Discovery Communications during much of the 90s. It’s the parent company for networks like Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, and other popular cable networks. I worked in the multimedia production unit as … Read More

The Hydrangea Fan Club

Not everyone loathes hydrangeas. I happen to be a fan, and I know plenty of other people who are. So to give the flower a little love today, I’m making it front and center. Here’s … Read More

Showing Off His Profile

This is Pilot’s wistful look. He’s pondering life. Or more realistically where his next snack may come from. Here he is bathed in the afternoon sunlight. He prefers his left side when he poses.

Some Punctuation Is Missing

Only in New England. I think if you added a colon between Residents Privileged and Stickers Required, you’d have quite a statement. You don’t really see signs like this in California.

Hello Mr. Sunflower

I took this picture when I was in Rockport, Massachusetts. It was standing there in someone’s garden, kinda staring at me. I’ve been a fan of sunflowers for years. This one has a strong infusion … Read More

The Weeks Bridge

This is the Weeks Bridge that goes over the Charles River, connecting the Allston section of Boston to Cambridge. It was constructed in 1927 to make it easier for Harvard Business School students to get … Read More

The Drive-By Gardener

This gal lives in my neighborhood. I’m not exactly sure where, but I know she doesn’t live in this building behind these bushes. Ever so often, I’ll look out my kitchen window and catch her … Read More