Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pop and Me – The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

My Dad’s been gone for two years now but when I saw this picture of him, I thought it was share-worthy. We were visiting my sister in Jackson Hole and had a bang-up night down … Read More

Carolyn’s 3 – Week 4

Happy Halloween, everyone. To get you in the mood for this week’s music selects, DJ Carolyn has teed up the following three picks. Thanks, Carolyn. Loved these. ——- #1. Heart on Fire by Scars on … Read More

Lemonade, Anyone?

How inviting. B and I went to a wedding in Los Angeles recently and they served strawberry, lavender, and traditional lemonade before the wedding. How great is that? And how beautiful and inviting are large … Read More

Angie Dudley, aka Bakerella!

Friday was a work day highlight for me. I work at Federated Media (FM), and we represent great websites. We sell a site’s ads, so they can stick to what they do best, which is … Read More

Show Us Your Teeth, Pi!

Look! No cavities. Here’s Pilot, showing me the inside of his mouth. For such a thin, cut pooch, he sure does love to eat…things he shouldn’t be eating, too. But nonetheless, his teeth are in … Read More

Carolyn’s 3 – Week 3

Here’s Carolyn’s three selects for this week. Loved these picks, Carolyn. #1. Gloria. A brilliant pairing of John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison. Can’t get enough of this. #2.  Paradise (New). The latest single from … Read More

What…This Isn’t Normal?

I’m not sure the problem. Don’t all dogs get wrapped up in cashmere blankets with their own bolstered pillow, propped up on the couch?

Mama’s Fish House

Suffice itself to say, Mama’s Fish House on Maui is a popular spot. If you have a wait, no problem, as you can take a walk on the adjoining beach shown here. B and I … Read More

Before the I Do’s

Yowsa. This was quite the setting for a wedding. This is the lawn at the Maui Four Seasons where the resort holds some outdoor weddings. B and I celebrated our anniversary here last February, and … Read More

I’ll Take One, Please

There’s nothing like freshly washed striped towels to make my day. I know, sounds a little kooky, but I’m all about the presentation and these towels on display at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua just made … Read More