Monthly Archives: November 2011

So That’s Why JLo’s Trending

Our friend and neighbor, Garen Scribner, has two high-profile jobs. He’s a soloist in the San Francisco Ballet and he’s dad to Pilot, the wunder dog. In between these two key roles, he may do … Read More

The All-American Chest Bump

I live in San Francisco and when you live here, you see a lot of things that you probably don’t see in other parts of the country. People wearing interesting outfits and at times, no … Read More

One Lovely Table Setting

  I’m about about flowers. I’m all about the right lighting. A room’s atmosphere can be set with a few little tricks of either decorations or lighting. I’ll opt not to eat at a restaurant … Read More

Rooftop Chillin’

B and I went to our friend Jason and Terin’s wedding in LA last month. It was fabulous. We stayed here at the Thompson Beverly Hotel in Beverly Hills, a great hotel centrally located with … Read More