Monthly Archives: May 2013

Blue Candy Treats

Besides these looking all pretty and blue, they were really tasty, too. Those sweet, white and smokey little boxes next to the glass bowl were ours to port our yummy blue treats away in. Simply … Read More

Birds of Sanibel

Say hello to the snowy egret, with his stupendous yellow slippers and the hint of yellow on his beak. This one is minding the beach near my Mom’s house on Sanibel. Sanibel is bird watcher’s … Read More

Shelling on Sanibel

It’s the sport here. To shell. It’s what everyone does on Sanibel Island. It’s a modern day treasure hunt to find the most beautiful shells, of which there are an endless amount. Arthur Frommer chose … Read More

Wanderlust San Francisco

What’s Wanderlust San Francisco, you asked? It’s a festival of yoga, music, food, and lots of people, and this is what it looks like behind center stage – a great vantage point. I can attest … Read More

Before the Mayhem

Nothing says fun more than a pinata full of candy, ready to be pulverized by a line-up of club-swinging ready kids. This poor, little rainbow horse didn’t last long before it was smacked to smithereens. … Read More

Spring in the Presidio

It’s not the Jefferson Memorial, one of my favorite places ever, but it’s up there. This is the Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio. It’s spring here and for a brief week, we’re treated … Read More

Desserts, Eric and Sarah Style

They tasted as good as they look, too. I went to a baby shower recently, and the mother-to-be is a pastry chef. Let’s just say it would have been an epic fail to be following … Read More

Defining “Mint”

It was so shiny, I could apply lipstick in its reflection. This Peugeot comes complete with the vintage California black and yellow license plates. I took this picture on my street in the Marina. I … Read More