I go by Mugs, thanks to my brother and much to the chagrin of my Mom. My parents named me Margaret Mary; Theresa, I added in 8th Grade during my confirmation, but Mugs is what stuck and what makes me feel most comfortable.

I was born in New York. Not the city, more like where the state ends and Canada begins. My Mom had three of her four children there and couldn’t wait to leave the tundra-like conditions of Massena for any place more tropical, like Connecticut, which is where my family moved shortly after I was born.

I hail from Wilton, a quintessential New England town, where shingled and clapboard houses abound, surrounded by obligatory white picket fences. It’s where I went to eight years of Catholic grade school, four years of public high school, and met some of the greatest friends whose phone numbers populate my speed dial directory today.

We didn’t travel much when I was younger. My parent’s savings were reserved for our college funds. Wilton wasn’t really the hotbed of excitement. Still isn’t. Until recently it was a dry town. So with few distractions to keep me entertained, I took to having a keen ear for anyone who told a good story, especially if they could make me laugh. People’s stories let me travel vicariously through the words they tell. They take me somewhere. Storytelling runs deep in my family. I’m of Irish descent, and in my case that translates into having light skin, strawberry blond hair, being mouthy, and having parents, siblings and cousins whose humor rivals few.

When I left to go to college in Boston, and later to London and Paris for a stint as a junior abroad, I took a shine to travel, the real kind, complete with flight delays, missed trains, and translations that got me in trouble. Traveling short or long distances is a priority for me. And along the way, I picked up a camera and started shooting and capturing the places I’d go, the smiles I saw, and the beauty that abounds, just about everywhere.

I live in San Francisco now. It’s pretty spectacular. I’m married to B, a man who trumps my humor.

With The Somewhere I hope to share the places I go, around the block or a plane ride away. I look for pretty things and funny things. It’s my M.O.  Without them, I’d be nowhere.

Thanks for reading and coming along with me.


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