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Dripping With Color

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs was where I and a few workmates spent one fabulous November weekend. For three days we didn’t leave the premises. We were part of Camp Mighty, a 150 mainly-all-female … Read More

Sausage and Peppers Jersey Style

The man on the right would be my father-in-law if he were alive. That’s B’s dad, Bob, or Bob Senior, or Italo Robert, his real name. One of the first things I remember B saying … Read More


Bob and Pi are kindred spirits in oh-so many ways. They share the same sort of devilish ways. Here they are watching the Blue Angels fly overhead. I snapped these pictures a September or two … Read More


This is Tracy, one of my best friends. She’s absolutely one of life’s greatest people. We met through friends and ended up working together at ZDTV (now the cable network, G4). She’s a talented producer, … Read More

Let It Out, Pi

Pi was a rescue so his origin is a bit gray, but one thing is clear, he’s got a bit of beagle in him. He’s a champion howler. When he gets going, it’s like he’s … Read More

Love Blank

My Dad was the stricter of our two parents. He held a high bar for us when it came to getting good grades, doing chores, and being respectful to people, especially our teachers. He was … Read More

So That’s Why JLo’s Trending

Our friend and neighbor, Garen Scribner, has two high-profile jobs. He’s a soloist in the San Francisco Ballet and he’s dad to Pilot, the wunder dog. In between these two key roles, he may do … Read More

Pop and Me – The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

My Dad’s been gone for two years now but when I saw this picture of him, I thought it was share-worthy. We were visiting my sister in Jackson Hole and had a bang-up night down … Read More

Walk-Up Songs For the Rest of Us

I’ve attended more baseball games this year than in the past because our awesome San Francisco Giants won the World Series (still feels good to type that), and I’m now well versed in what each … Read More

Wonderful Wilton, Connecticut

I grew up here in Wilton, Connecticut, a small town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Population 17,600. It’s a lovely, quaint New England town. It was and still is a bedroom community for those who work … Read More