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Yellow Lily

  My hobby of photographing flowers continues with the taking of this beautiful lily. No wonder people shoot them a lot. Flowers are always beautiful, they don’t blink and turn away from the camera, and … Read More

Desserts, Eric and Sarah Style

They tasted as good as they look, too. I went to a baby shower recently, and the mother-to-be is a pastry chef. Let’s just say it would have been an epic fail to be following … Read More

Hello Mr. Sunflower

I took this picture when I was in Rockport, Massachusetts. It was standing there in someone’s garden, kinda staring at me. I’ve been a fan of sunflowers for years. This one has a strong infusion … Read More

Life’s Beautiful Shapes

When you travel around the country and in different parts of the world, you get to see things that are vastly different than the environment in which you grew up, especially the plants and flowers. … Read More

Beach Plums

  If you’ve been to an East Coast beach, in particular along the coast of New England, you’re probably familiar with these, beach plums. Beach plums are stone fruits, related to other plums, like cherries … Read More

A Swing in Rockport

This made me want to jump the fence (that you can’t see) and hop on this swing and kick up my legs. I shot this swing while I was in Rockport, MA. It was set … Read More

Blue Flowers, Rockport, MA

I went to Rockport, Massachusetts with my friend Sarah. The resident of Rockports seem to have the magic touch when it comes to gardens, like this one.  The varied colors, different heights of flowers, and … Read More

Flipped Out

There isn’t a lot of this going on near San Francisco and I miss it. I miss summer swimming lakes or the ocean. This is Christopher. He was showing us, not only his ripped abs, … Read More

Hens in the Window

  I want one of these. In fact, I want them all. I love their collective colors and sizes, so picking one would be hard to choose. And, my propensity for perfect symmetry and details … Read More

All It’s Missing Is a Bell

A lot of people have high-end bikes and put themselves through all sorts of machinations for the ultimate biking experience. And although I like doing that from time to time, I’m also all about the … Read More