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OK, Break

I used to play high school and college sports, so when I saw Gracie and “friend” romping on Crissy Field, then head in different directions, I had flashbacks to my lacrosse days, the coach’s huddle, … Read More

At Attention, Always

Pilot loves B, almost as much as B love Pi. They sort of get each other and are good buds. Here’s Pi standing at attention by B’s feet, while B reads the Wall Street Journal. … Read More

Andre, The Wunder Dog

This is B’s childhood dog, Andre. He was the center of their universe. I love that they took him to a professional photographer to get his picture taken, and I love how upright he is, … Read More

Cue Carly Simon Singing Anticipation

This kills me. Look at their sheer dedication to waiting for their owner to return and anticipating that a treat may be coming their way. Either way, I love the mishmash of breed and size. … Read More