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Yes, Peas!

It’s Sunday and that means market day at the weekly Ft. Mason Farmers Market. Like any farmers market, this one is sea of colors. Beautiful flowers, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. I couldn’t resist buying a … Read More

Summer Tomatoes

Seriously. Is there nothing more delectable than summer tomatoes? They’re in abundance now just about everywhere you turn. I shot these at the farmer’s market in Occidental, California. Add some buffalo mozzarella, basil, oil, and … Read More

Nothing But Berries

Very simply, the best combo ever. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Is there anything bedda? Enough said.

Cupcakes for Lily’s Arrival

When Jody and Andy we waiting for Lily’s arrival, Karen threw a baby shower on their behalf, and Joan, being Joan, made these delicious and fun cupcakes. Yum.

Beautiful Fruit

Ah breakfast. Though I tried to eat as healthy as possible, what I’m not showing you here is the extra crispy bacon hidden behind this beautiful fruit cup. And the fruit tasted as good as … Read More