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Bumble Bee Mid Flight

I felt like I was watching something on Discovery Channel. Here in the midst of my street in the Marina, I saw this bumble bee buzzing amidst these pretty poppies. He didn’t seem to be … Read More

Lake House Lily

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have a house on a New Jersey lake that’s such a slice of summer fun. I love it there. They also have a lovely garden, complete with theses orange lilies. Fabulous.

Orange Candles

I tend to have furniture with muted colors and then add color elsewhere. I’ve grown partial to orange as an accent color, even if there’s nothing else orange in a room. The sun was setting … Read More

Carrots at the Farmer’s Market

One thing that San Francisco doesn’t lack is farmer’s markets.  Every Sunday morning, Ft. Mason holds a farmer’s market that offers really great, fresh, and affordable fruits, vegetables, and honey.  Several food trucks pull in … Read More

Must Have Oranges

It took all my energy not to rip one open and scarf it down. Beautiful and perfectly round oranges. When the sun hit, something told me to grab my camera.

California poppies

They’re beautiful, aren’t they? Poppies. They’re the California state flower, and they grow wild in spring. So it’s that time of the year and they’ve sprung just about everywhere. I’ve never been there, but there’s … Read More