The Bubble Room of Captiva Island

Sanibel and Captiva Islands are located on the Gulf side of Florida. To get there, you drive over the causeway that connects Ft. Myers to Sanibel. Head north on Sanibel and eventually you'll get to Capitva, a tiny spit of an island that is made up of one road that snakes through. Just when you can't drive any further, you'll find The Bubble Room, one of Captiva's most well-known restaurants.

What you find outside The Bubble Room makes your smile before you even walk in. Here on the patio is a collection of benches that mirror the rainbow's colors. They're fun and eye catching.

Inside The Bubble Room is a bizarre mix antiques, Disney World memorabilia, Christmas decorations, and Hollywood posters all rolled into one. There is a train that runs high above the seats that occasionally whistles.

And while the food is worth the drive, the decor is a great part of the appeal. If you're into color, a little zaniness, good eats, and eclectic decor, perhaps The Bubble Room is just right for you.

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