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Fuschia Peonies

They smell as good as they look, too. Bulbous peonies have about one-week bloom life in spring. I can’t get enough of them. They remind me of Wilton. My Mom had a garden will peony … Read More

Farmer’s Market Colors

Every Sunday B and I make a quick jaunt over to the Ft. Mason Farmers Market. It’s not the biggest farmers market in San Francisco but it’s the sweetest. They have a stall for everything. … Read More

The Hydrangea Fan Club

Not everyone loathes hydrangeas. I happen to be a fan, and I know plenty of other people who are. So to give the flower a little love today, I’m making it front and center. Here’s … Read More

Blue Flowers, Rockport, MA

I went to Rockport, Massachusetts with my friend Sarah. The resident of Rockports seem to have the magic touch when it comes to gardens, like this one.  The varied colors, different heights of flowers, and … Read More

Pink Flowers

I’m not much of a pink person but once in awhile something so pretty in pink stops me in my tracks, like these flowers that I took on Sanibel Island. Wow.

Nantucket Garden

I was visiting my friend Tracy on Nantucket, and we took a walk on a path in Siasconset. Talk about beautiful gardens. They seemed to be everywhere.

A Perfect, Pink, Rose

I live in the Marina and many of my neighbors have lovely gardens. Just down the street I saw this sweet, pink rose, in the midst of its full bloom. Thanks, neighbor. Your roses are … Read More

Daisies in Wilton

Wilton is one beautiful town and it seems like everyone has upped their game to make their gardens more exquisite year over year. You see a lot of wild flowers in people’s gardens. But it’s … Read More

Calla Lily in the Presidio

Georgia O’Keeffe was on to something when she painted calla lilies. They’re exquisite, like this one here that I shot in the Presidio.

The Sweetest of Flowers

My Mom lives in Florida, a state that has such a varied selection of flowers, so different from Connecticut and the Bay Area. These are plumbago auriculata, a flower native to South Africa. They also … Read More