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Bolinas  Wet Suits

B and I went to Bolinas for an afternoon. Not familiar with Bolinas? It's quite a place. Bolinas is an unincorporated coastal community in Marin County, California. The census-designated place is located on the California coast, approximately 13 miles northwest of San Francisco. The community is known for its reclusive residents. Translation - they don't like outsiders.

If you go there, don't rely on the roadside signs because there won't be any. County officials would put up signs that read "Bolinas" with arrows that lead to the town center. Residents would go out and take them down. After a few rounds of this, the county officials would give up. It's that kind of place.

Surfing is big on Bolinas, but wet suits are a bit of a requirement. The cold water warrants that you suit up. If you don't have one of your own, you can rent from the local 2 Mile Surf Shop. And boy, do they know how to line them up in perfect order.

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