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Defining “Mint”

It was so shiny, I could apply lipstick in its reflection. This Peugeot comes complete with the vintage California black and yellow license plates. I took this picture on my street in the Marina. I … Read More


I spent some time in Wilton recently going through boxes and boxes of stuff in our attic. Endless stuff. There were a few gems however that I came across including this one, a Mother’s Day … Read More

Morning, Washington Square Park

San Francisco has a lot of beautiful parks, but one in particular offers a lot to absorb in a very small circumference. I’m talking about Washington Square Park, situated in the heart of North Beach, … Read More

Andre, The Wunder Dog

This is B’s childhood dog, Andre. He was the center of their universe. I love that they took him to a professional photographer to get his picture taken, and I love how upright he is, … Read More

A Wedding in Florence

I’m a bit of a sap for weddings. Even before I got married, I loved going to them. I’m usually one of the guests blubbering through the bride and groom’s vows. They get me every … Read More

Because The Night

This picture is bittersweet for me. It was September 2009, and I was in Florence with my sister and two friends. We were having a great time. No, an amazing time. We were staying in … Read More

Meet Pilot

This is Pilot. Or Pi. Or Pi Pi.  If he were in the military, his call sign would be “Rolling Thunder.” He lives in our apartment building, the prized possession of our neighbors, now friends, … Read More

The Show Up

My father placed a huge value on making an effort, especially when it came to conversation. “If you’re in a conversation, you need to participate,” he’d say. “You can’t just sit there like a bump … Read More