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I've turned into one of "them." You know, a dog person. There are a lot of us out there. And as you know, I don't even own a dog. I kinda borrow one. San Francisco is a rather dog-friendly city. There are lot of rules about dogs being on leashes, which is a good thing, but down at Crissy Field and along the water, it's a leash-free zone. At least for now.

DSC 0659

This is Rex. He's a Yorkshire Terrier, a rather large one. He belongs to my friend Ann, and on this morning, we went down on Crissy to join the other dog people for a morning beach walk. Rex draws a crowd. He's incredibly cute and has a personality to match.

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Crissy Field is beautiful, even if it's overcast or raining. With the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop, your pooch can run laps up and down the beach or even do a dunk in the water, the rather cold water.

DSC 0631

DSC 0612

You see all sorts of dogs. These two killed me. 

DSC 0654

When you have a dog, you tend to build a community of other dog lovers. And then everyone seems to travel in a pack.

DSC 0650

Looking west you see the Bridge, looking north you see Alcatraz, which looks deceptively close. Well, it is, unless you're swimming it and then it seems like 10,000 miles away.

DSC 0668

Crissy is the perfect place to whip a ball. You don't have to worry about it going into the road, only that it goes in the water, with your dog following, and therefore stinking up your car later. But dog people are used to that. 

DSC 0674

This guy was fast. He got his ball and went back for more. Over and over and over again.

DSC 0702

King Rex loves it here. It's the ultimate playground.

DSC 0703

He's quick on his feet; he can pivot well.

DSC 0636

Mr. Super Cute.

DSC 0711

The little rascal is not always the most obedient, but his cuteness makes up for his devilish behavior.  That's Ann, trying to the lay down the law.

DSC 0732

And after a good romp on Crissy, Rex get a little treat and wrap up our Crissy visit. It's time for our morning coffee.

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    Donna says:

    Bear told me that he would love to join Rex in a nice long walk along Crissy field some fine day.

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