Mom and Dad


I love this picture of my Mom and Dad, not because my Mom is squinting or because of that crazy sweater my Dad was wearing (really, Pop?), but because I was with my family and having a ball. We were visiting my sister in Jackson and roadtripped to Yellowstone. It was a beautiful day, and right on cue, just as we got there, Old Faithful did her thing. Hence the steam coming out of my Mom's head.

Sorry, Mom, I know when you see this picture you'll say something like, Oh, Margaret, you didn't put that picture of me with my hair looking like THAT on your site, did you? Well, sorry, Mom, I did, not to embarrass you but more as a memory of a day we were together, having fun, and yucking it up, like we always did. Here's to old faithful memories.

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    Sheila Wolfe says:

    I love the photo. Mugs so many times I am thinking about your parents and the singing in the living room parties. Too funny and no one would believe me when i talk about the entertainment at simple dinner parties that my mom has thrown. But you know… 🙂 <3

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