Professor James Forcier

James Forcier

This is our friend James. He's an economics professor at University of San Francisco (USF). But more importantly, he's our friend. He and B talk about the economy, jobs, the market, politics, while I log a little time on TMZ. It's not that I'm not interested; I just don't have much to offer in this debate. They do.

James is just a delight. He's smart, on top of current affairs, and has a dry sense of humor. And most importantly, he's highly appreciative of my cooking, scoring many points in my book.

I had great professors at Tufts, but I would have liked to have had James as well. The amount of care that he puts into his class prep, paper grading, and lectures just speaks to the quality of educator he is: detailed, methodical, professional, caring.

Bravo, James.

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