Sausage and Peppers Jersey Style

Bobs Dad

The man on the right would be my father-in-law if he were alive. That's B's dad, Bob, or Bob Senior, or Italo Robert, his real name. One of the first things I remember B saying to me is if his Dad were alive, he'd be his best friend. I missed out on knowing him, but apparently he was a smart, kind, funny man, and a character, much like his son.

To his right are three of his siblings, Lou, Joe, and Val. Val is the only one alive of the five siblings, but their children, B's cousins, are around and about, mainly living back on the East Coast, and more specifically in the Italian epicenter, aka Jersey.

I lucked out when I married B. He comes from a tight-knit family that prides themselves on their Italian heritage, fine cooking, family reunions, and humor.  The reunions are a modern-day version of this scene above, a picture that should be added to the Getty Collection. Today's tribe no longer sports the classics like Lou's pocket protector or Val's mock turtleneck, but the reunions do mirror the good food, smiles, and an emphasis on being together like you see here.

Now I'm jonesing for some grilled peppers and sausages and the sound of Sinatra, which I'm sure was belting away in the background. Welcome to my Italian family.

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  1. 1
    David Ibsen says:

    I never knew you married into the Soprano family. This is the best picture of all time!

  2. 2
    Tom says:

    Mugs, allora! we are related via the Pedalino-Lucchese-Luciano New Jersey connection. What a beautiful reverie for the good old days. Chissa, and Tanti Auguri

  3. 3
    Steve Petronio says:

    Mugs, I hope you do not mind that I poked around the site. Wow. Very thoughtfully done with great pictures. We have weird connections: Wilton, wild Dads, San Franscico, Jackson Hole and big families. I appreciate the story about Wilton (my family was very fortunate to have lived there). Julia looks like she has not aged, does she have magic powers? If you chat with her, please say hello for me. When I get to the the wesy coast, we can share stories over an Anchor. Steve

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