The Drive-By Gardener

The Garden Whisperer

This gal lives in my neighborhood. I'm not exactly sure where, but I know she doesn't live in this building behind these bushes. Ever so often, I'll look out my kitchen window and catch her in action. It tends to be the highlight of my day. I have a bit of a Rear Window fixation on her. She has no clue that she brightens my day. I call her the Drive-By Gardener.

The Garden Whisper2

When she sees something in these bushes that doesn't measure to her standards, she takes matters into her hands and fixes to her liking. She uses what she's got, in this case, her cane, to swat away dead leaves or branches or whatever else she doesn't see fit for these bushes.

The Garden Whisper3

Note her summer garb, complete with windbreaker and gloves. And when she's done, she presses on. She'll be back to supervise these bushes another day. And I'll watch from my window and smile.

I think this is exactly how I'll be when I hit her age. Perhaps I'll won't wear the kerchief, but I will be swatting away bushes and making them look better. Rock on, Drive-By Gardener.

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