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We celebrated our birthdays. Just us. At the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. It was a spectacular night, an amazing meal, but most of all, a fun-filled, giggle fest with one of life's greatest people. Just wished Tracy and I lived in the same city like we did for years.

Kerbs Boathouse2

It was one beautiful sunset. Every New Yorker seemed to be in a good mood. And a highlight was that the little motorized sailboats were out and about.

Sailboat Kerb Boathouse

The copper-roofed boathouse stands east of Conservatory Water, Central Park's famous model boat pond, more formally known as Conservatory Water. The boathouse replaced an old wooden structure in 1954. When the weather is nice, a variety of model ships, most remote-controlled, glide across the water. The sailboats are either privately owned or rented at a cart provided by the boathouse. It's at this spot that Stuart Little, the beloved character of E.B. White's story, sailed his fictional sailboat to victory.

But on this night, I just sat with my friend, celebrating 15 years of friendship. Here's to you, TKF.

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