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Big Stretch

Big stretch and a glare to boot. This is Pilot on his claimed portion of the couch. This is his “do not disturb me” glare. Lil Man is a bit of a blanket hog. See … Read More

Pi Time

Not much to say here other than he’s the world’s cutest dog. Hello Pilot. He’s wondering why he has to wait for me and why I’m dragging behind him. Maybe because he’s part greyhound and … Read More

What…This Isn’t Normal?

I’m not sure the problem. Don’t all dogs get wrapped up in cashmere blankets with their own bolstered pillow, propped up on the couch?

Showing Off His Profile

This is Pilot’s wistful look. He’s pondering life. Or more realistically where his next snack may come from. Here he is bathed in the afternoon sunlight. He prefers his left side when he poses.

A Dog’s Life

He makes himself quite comfortable around our home. He lives upstairs with Garen and Scott, but he drops by our place a good 4-5 times each week. His routine is that he usually crashes through … Read More

No Pictures, Please

He’s got that look that Sean Penn often has when being photographed. That back off look. And what’s going on with those hind legs? Looks like he’s doing grapevines. His Dad is a ballet dancer, … Read More

The Greyhound In Him

Pilot has two speeds.  0, when he’s sleeping which is much of the time. And 100, when he’s sprinting through fields and making us chase after him. He’s a rescue so Garen and Scott aren’t … Read More

I’m Pi

  If Pilot had a profile, it would read, “Loves sprinting on the beach, eating sand, and garbage diving. Strong at begging, sleeping, and invading your personal space.” Pilot loves sleeping under a blanket. … Read More